What is Spring Framework, Features and Advantages?

Spring Framework is a powerful lightweight application development framework used for Enterprise Java (JEE)

  • Modular Framework
  • Light Weight
  • End to End Development
  • Inversion of Control – Spring container takes care of wiring dependencies of various objects
  • IoC Container – It manages Spring Bean life cycle and project specific configurations
  • Aspect Oriented programming – Spring supports AOP to separate business logic from system services for cross cutting concerns Containers
  • MVC Framework – This is used to create web applications or RESTful web services, capable of returning XML/JSON responses
  • Transaction Management – Reduces the amount of boiler-plate code in JDBC operations, file uploading, etc., either by using Java annotations or by Spring Bean XML configuration file
  • Abstract Layer for JDBC
  • Easy Integration with Framework Struts, JSF, Hibernate etc.
  • Exception Handling – Spring provides a convenient API for translating technology-specific exceptions into unchecked exceptions
  • Easy to Test

Author: Mahesh

Technical Lead with 10 plus years of experience in developing web applications using Java/J2EE and web technologies. Strong in design and integration problem solving skills. Ability to learn, unlearn and relearn with strong written and verbal communications.